Friday, October 3, 2008

m lab travel collection

Alright, we're not jet-setters...but we would so feel like one with this stuffed in our luggage.

M LAB Travel Collection ($130) just oozes luxury inside and out.

This divine pack contains: anti-aging cleanser (50ml), anti-aging toner (50ml), anti-aging treatment cream (15 ml), anti-aging treatment serum (5 ml) anti-aging day treatment spf 15 (15ml), and anti-aging eye cream (3ml).

Everything you'd need for traveling the globe, or just heading out to visit the in-laws in NJ.

Plus it's the perfect way to check out some M LAB without making the big jump just quite yet.

Another thing we wanted to point out, you also have to give it to M LAB for their contemporary just looks like it belongs in a minimalistic setting doesn't it?

Their products are pretty fabulous too...considering beauty editors and celebs alike sing their praises.

Check out the other offerings from M LAB here, at

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine


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