Wednesday, October 22, 2008

miss teen louisiana arrested and delivers the perfect mug shot

Alright...this is something that we literally just heard about.

The reigning Miss Teen Louisiana was apparently arrested on Saturday...for pulling a dine-and-dash and for possession of the wacky weed.

As a result, she has to hand over her crown...something she would have done in 11 days anyway when a new Miss Teen Louisiana was to be selected.

The best part in all of this? is her mug shot...seriously, she looks amazing in it...proof that pageant girls are always on.

And two...she only got caught because she left her purse back at the restaurant.


Check out the complete story and pics here at and more on the story over at

Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of


Anonymous said...

No crown for this, but I heard she was given a very nice prison tattoo.

sarahPUFFY! said...

We Louisiana girls like to keep our appearance up! ;D

Anonymous said...

bloody hilarious!

Tammy M said...

Ok, what is wrong with this? She looks better in her mug shot, than I do 90% of the time... Too funny.

Jennifer said...

LOL at all of your comments! Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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