Wednesday, October 22, 2008

np set show loose dust eyeshadow duo

Gotta love a product that combines what you need in one complete package.

NP Set Show Loose Dust Duo in Australia ($26) is all that and a bag of chips (editor's note: sorry for the old school line...felt like being a little corny today).

It combines two fabulous colors, a gorge green and a peachy gold (see pic bottom left), along with the sponge tipped applicators to apply them with.


You can use the pointy applicator to line your eyes or to apply the shadow all over the lid.

You can wear the colors alone, or get creative and come up with a few different combos of maybe the of-the-moment smoky eye with color?

There are also four other duos to choose from and all are just as fun and flexible.

The absolute easiest place to find them?


Yes, just head on over to your local Target that carries the NP line...or pick one up for yourself.


photo courtesy of target and np set

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