Saturday, October 18, 2008

oral b pulsonic...the review

Jenn and I both recently got a chance to try out the new electronic toothbrush from Oral B....the Oral B Pulsonic.

Since I just got my first rechargeable toothbrush less than a year ago - I am still learning what makes for a good one, but so far, I am liking what I am seeing.

Right out of the box I noticed how slim and light it was. It very comparable to a regular toothbrush in size and weight.

The second thing I like with this Oral B brush, is that it not only has the 2 minute timer, but it also does the 30 second timer for each quadrant of your mouth.

The third and most important, it cleans my teeth really well. They feel clean most of the day, even after my coffee. It is also easy to clean the brush itself and holds a charge for a really long time (at least in comparison to the one I already had, we won't name names, but it's a lot heavier and impossible to keep clean.... and now belongs to my husband. ha!).

It also has a few other features that I don't really need, but now that I have them I probably won't be able to live without them in the future. It has a second brush attachment that can get in between your teeth and remove the yuckies (yes that is a clinical term). And it has 2 cleaning modes...clean and sensitive. Clean mode is obviously to clean your teeth and is the mode that has the timers. The sensitive mode is to clean your tongue and any other areas of your mouth that may require less powerful cleaning.

Here's what Oral B has to say about this little gem...With more than 27,000 gentle sonic vibrations per minute, Pulsonic's bristles clean and promote naturally whiter teeth while allowing maximum maneuverability and control with the slim and lightweight handle design. The specially-designed Pulsonic brush head contours to the teeth to provide an effective clean.

Oral-B Pulsonic is available at department, retail and specialty stores nationwide for $69.99. For additional information regarding Oral-B Pulsonic, visit

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Jennifer said...

Just wanted to add that I love the toothbrush as well! I've been using it (of course) everyday since we got it...and loving every minute of it. I adore the slim took a second to get used to it, as my other brush was a lot bulkier. It cleans very well and the attachments are superb. A fabulous product thru and thru.!

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Teeth Whitening said...

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Anonymous said...

I usually like stuff I get for free too. Not very helpful. Moderate away :P

Jennifer said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for stopping by, but...really? Are you seriously asking me this? ; )

I really didn't feel like explaining myself AGAIN, but here goes...

Nothing, and I mean nothing, lands on this blog that I don't like.

Yes, I do receive products for free from companies...but not everything I receive will make it onto the blog. If you take a look at my Contact Me page you'll see that I even say that to companies (or reps) that may want to send me samples to review.

I have plenty of things that I try and do not like and do not review. True, I could just come on here and slam them, but that's just not how I chose to run my blog. My blog, my choice.

In case you might be thinking, well she just doesn't talk about those products because she's afraid that she won't get any more stuff.

Not true.

An example?

Well, there's several, but here's one that's staring at me right now. There is a product sitting on my dresser that I wasn't able to use when I was pregnant and also now that I'm breastfeeding. It's a super-super expensive product and you would think that the rep would be breathing down my neck to get a review, but they have yet to even ask me about it yet.

What does that mean really?

Well...what I'm trying to say is that I have never felt "pressure" by anyone to (a)produce a review and to (b)produce a review that's basically me just lying about a product.

Make sense?


While you may think that I don't...I truly appreciate your visit and do understand where you're coming from though. It's smart to question what you read, as well as those who are doing the writing.

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