Monday, October 6, 2008

our wants and realities...bobbi brown deluxe beauty trunk and the sephora blockbuster palette

What we're totally dying over...

In case you've hit the lottery...or you just roll like's something for you:

Bobbi Brown's Exclusive Deluxe Beauty Trunk
($2000). It's literally overflowing with Bobbi products left and right.

I'm sure the kitchen sink is crammed in there at the bottom.

It comes with everything you see here...but...alas...Bobbi herself does not come with it.

What we'll probably end up buying because if we spent $2000 on a ginormous trunk o' beauty, our husbands would seriously have a conniption...

Sephora Brand Classic Blockbuster Palette ($48) comes complete with 64 eyeshadows, 32 lip colors, seven cheek colors, one translucent shimmer powder, four double-ended shadow applicators, two blush brushes, two lip brushes, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Okay..just kidding about the partridge...but you get the idea.

You get all of this for under $50!

Amazingly affordable and will deliver countless looks on your pretty little face.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks


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