Monday, October 6, 2008

real life tips...the perfect nude lip and cheek for fall's smokey eye

We always give you tips on how to do the smokey eye...but what about the rest?

What do you wear on the rest of your face while sporting the smokey, gunmetal, or smokey/color eye?

My suggestion is that you go nude.

Um...get your minds out of the gutter people....not that nude.

I'm talking about a nude cheek and lip. The perfect combo when you want your eyes to steal the show.

A product that has been delivering the nude for me lately is Three Custom Color Specialists Watercolours for Cheeks in Wallflower ($21).

It's a gel based formula that delivers a wash of soft shimmering beige for cheeks and lips.

On my skin tone it's a barley there dewy color...on fairer tones (like Christine), it's nude-but-better. A multi-tasker because you can use it on your lips as well.


Avon Glazewear Extreme Lipgloss in Classic Nude ($6) the perfect nude-but-doesn't-wash-you-out nude. A fabulous finishing touch on the look and keeps your lips feeling soft without the gloopy-stickiness of other glosses.

My one word of advice though? Be sure you thoroughly exfoliate and condition your lips before applying...chapped lips will not work.

If the thought of going so barely-there leaves you feeling...well...totally could always go nude with a very slight pink tone as well. Emphasis on the word slight...keep it very light pink here ladies.

My favorite pink for this is Smashbox Blush Rush in Bare ($24).

It's described as a cool dusty rose, but delivers a gorgeous hint-of-pink-with-a-slight-shimmer nude color...the kind of hue that would look good on everyone.

That's always a good thing.

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An Indian's makeup musings said...

I love wallflower on my lips ! Its perfect nude. But for my cheeks I like 3C's Coral water lily. Its the most gorgeous peach !

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