Wednesday, November 5, 2008

anastasia brow duality

I have been so into my brows lately.

After getting them shaped by the fabulous Elke, I've been working hard to make sure that they continue to stay that way.

Tweezing when needed, or a little clean-up at a local eyebrow place...has definitely kept things in line.

I've also been loving my Anastasia Brow Duality in matte shell and lace shimmer ($23) lately.

This double-ended pencil of perfection allows me to use it's matte side during the day and it's shimmery side at night...or when I need a little pick-me-up.

All I have to do is add a little directly under my brows and blend. Instant highlight with a little bit of lift.

My little trick for instant glow is to add the shimmery side of my pencil (lace shimmer -a gorgeous wearable gold) to the inner corners of my eyes.

It instantly makes me look all-at-once awake and glowy.


You can find Anastasia products at Sephora stores,,, Nordstrom, and

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