Monday, November 10, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - avon skin so soft renew and refresh age defying + rejuvinating body cleanser and moisturizer

No, I am not nuts and no, I am not losing it.

Avon's Skin So Soft Renew and Refresh Age Defyling + Rejuvinating Body Cleanser
($7) has wedged itself into a permanent spot in my shower.

It's lather is rich and it's scent is actually light and pleasant. Not at all like the infamous Skin So Soft that your mother (or in my case, friend's mother) would douse you with if you were playing outside at night.

Could that smell be any more powerful? Sheesh.

The scent doesn't compete with any fragrance you might want to use after. Uh...can you say bonus?

The cleanser itself is the consistency of a thick gel and contains micro-capsules which exfoliate the skin and help to stimulate cell renewal.

I love how my skin feels after showering with this...clean, soft, and hydrated. I also love the upside down shape of the bottle, making it easier to get out the good stuff.

You can follow it up with the companion body moisturizer ($10)...which is pretty fabulous. I tried the moisturizer and loved how silky it made my skin feel, plus I adore how easily it sinks in.

It too is chock-full of special ingredients that will make your skin look divine. Over time it promises to minimize age spots, increase elasticity and even out skin tone.

While, thank the lord, I don't have any age spots to minimize, I have noticed my skin tone appears more uniform and my epidermis as a whole definitely feels soft and hydrated.

Right now, on, you can buy one Skin So Soft product and get the other one for only 99 cents*!

Not bad huh?

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*discount applies to the lower priced item

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Jenny said...

Hmmm...I've heard several people as of late touting Avon. Maybe I should give some of their products a go! Thanks for the tip:-)

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