Thursday, November 27, 2008

celebrate the holidays with nuvo sparkling liqueur

Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur ($30 for 750ml bottle) comes packaged in one of the most beautiful bottles that we've ever seen.

Adorable little flowers encircle the top and the pink effervescent liqueur inside are just so sweet.

Nuvo is a sparkling liqueur made with vodka and a small amount of delicate French sparkling wine, chardonnay with a touch of pinot noir.

It’s then blended with natural fruit nectar and infused with raspberry, peach and strawberry fruits to reveal a refreshing little zing that wakes up your tastebuds.

You can serve it chilled over ice in a champagne flute (it really tastes great like this), or for a festive Holiday treat, try a new recipe created by esteemed event planner, David Tutera.

Serve Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur over ice with a splash of Prosecco. Rim the glass with pink sugar or garnish with a sliced strawberry.


Here's one can resist a great Cosmo.

NUVO Sparkling Cosmo

* Fill a shaker with 2 ounces of chilled NUVO
* Add ½ ounce of Grand Marnier
* Add ½ ounce of Rose’s Lime Juice
* Stir, do not shake, and pour into a martini glass
* Garnish with a lime

And here's one that just sounds to die for...

NUVO Egg Cream (created by Tara Wright, the lead bartender at New York’s legendary 21 Club)

* Fill a large wine glass with ice
* Add 1 ounce of Frangelico (the nuttiness is a perfect compliment to the fruit flavors of NUVO)
* Add 1 ounce heavy cream
* Fill the glass with chilled NUVO and stir
* Garnish with a strawberry

Perfect for your next holiday gathering or shindig.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Jennifer and Christine
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Anonymous said...

This stuff is pretty good! Def will be better if you mix it with the recipes you gave because it's pretty strong. Love your blog! Check mine out if you have a minute:

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Love the bottle! Will have to try this!

April said...

I agree that Nuvo is very strong tasting - but not in a good way. I tried it with some mixers and have to say that I still find the taste terrible - what a waste of money!

Jenn said...

Hi everyone,

I was the guinea pig for this product and i can tell you it is good all by itself but it is really, really strong. i would recommend the cosmo recipe, my husband and i also tried the margarita recipe - basically you just add a shot of tequila) - this seem to just make it stronger and the flavors did not compliment each other. anything that keeps it fruity would probably be a good drink.

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