Friday, November 14, 2008

chanel precision mousse douceur - rinse-off foaming mousse cleanser

I'm obsessed with lather.

After changing diapers and cleaning up God knows what that stuff was Little L spilled all over the floor...I need to make sure that my hands are clean and I need a great lather to tell me that they are.

It's the exact same way for my face.

Lather = clean.

Because of this, I've sometimes picked up cleansers that delivered on the lather, but left insane dryness in it's foamy wake.

That's not the story with this cleanser from Chanel.

Chanel Mousse Douceur ($45) gives me the beautiful foaming action I adore, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and clean...while still allowing my skin to feel soft and hydrated.

The price is a little up there, but it is Chanel and it is a big honkin tube that will last a good long also don't need a lot of product when you wash.

I've been following it up with the toner, their Lotion Doucer ($45). It's surprisingly not drying either, more like light and moisturizing.

Together, they've unearthed a radiance in my complexion that is just fabulous. Needless to say they are both permanently wedged into our ever-crowded medicine cabinet.

Try Chanel counters and to purchase, or for more info.

image courtesy of chanel
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