Tuesday, November 4, 2008

christine's nail color of the week...oh so glam

I decided to lighten up this week. I went through all of my lighter polishes and found one that I bought a while ago and have never, ever worn.

Why did I buy it??

I believe it was because I was at Ulta and they had a display up with this color being featured in Allure or was an Allure pick or something to do with Allure. And I probably thought..."Allure has never steered me wrong before". Then, I probably got home with this one and the other polish that I was actually there to get and did the manicure with the other one and forgot all about this one... until last Friday.

You are looking at OPI's Oh So Glam. It's an iridescent white and I used 2 coats plus a top coat. I had to redo a couple nails, since this is a lighter color, it streaks a little easier than the darker colors. I also tried out a new top coat, OPI's Top Coat. I don't know if it's the color or the top coat but I did this on Friday, I today (Tuesday) I do not have any chips or cracks...yet. The color has yellowed a little but it for the most part is still looks like the pic on the left. BTW...the picture on the left was taken outside and the one on the right was taken inside with lights on.

Next week....I haven't decided yet, but we are headed up to Philadelphia to meet our new nephew and say our goodbyes to my husband's sister who is moving to Australia, so it will need to be something I can put on and have hold up for a long weekend.

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Anonymous said...

wow... friday to tuesday and no chips?!? I can hardly make it through one day. lol. And that's with Seche Vite top and base coats. My mani's just don't last.

But Christine... your nails look gorgeous in that color. I love it! Looks perfect with your skin tone. :)

Jenn said...

hi jami,

thanks! this color is growing on me the more i look at it.

i usually can't make it an hour before i screw it up but somehow it's last.

thanks for the comment!

An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

The color looks great on you ! I for one am terrible at applying nail polish :(

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