Thursday, November 6, 2008

clinique black honey eyeliner...the review

For the past week I have been trying out Clinique's Kohl Shaper for Eyes eyeliner in the limited edition color of Black Honey ($16). It comes out this month with the Holiday Collection that we mentioned earlier this week. (view the collection here). It is sort of a brown/berry color.

Since I am a lover of the Black Honey Almost Lipstick, I was super, super excited to get my hands on this eyeliner. I have not used Clinique eyeliners before, so right off the bat I noticed it has a sharpener in the that!! The other thing I noticed is that the pencil is triangle in shape - which is different.

The first time I applied the Black Honey Eyeliner I noticed how much I like the fact that it is triangle shaped. It really helps you play around the the thickness of the line. I actually played around with it on the back of my hand to see what all I could do with it. It smudges really easily - I have been just using my ring finger to smudge out the line and it works great!

And the best part - it gave me a reason to dig out my Black Honey Almost Lipstick. I had forgotten about it for a while but as soon as I put it on I remembered all those warm fuzzies that I had for it previously.

Check out or Clinique counters for this and the rest of the Holiday Collection....although it's not up on the site yet, it should be out this month.

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