Wednesday, November 19, 2008

copper diamond shimmer brick compact

So, Big L volunteered me to make the turkey dinner for Thanksgiving this year.

Thanks honey.

I mean, I really didn't want to head on over to someone's house with a side platter or two and maybe a homemade pie.

No...that would be too easy.

I really wanted to sweat to death in our kitchen, constantly checking the turkey to make sure that it's cooking well and that none of our guests will end up in the hospital later...leaving me the star of one of those fun family stories later on down the road.

You know like...hey, remember the time that Jenn cooked the turkey and we ended up with salmonella poisoning? Remember?

Good times.

While the turkey may drive me crazy, this drives me insane with love.

Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick Compact ($40) is a great little goody that delivers that gorgeous glowy look that's just wow.

It's the perfect combo of colors that melds together to highlight your face wherever you please.

So easy to use, just grab a big fluffy powder brush...or I use her Face Blender Brush ($40)...and just lightly apply where you want a subtle little pop.

I love to apply it after my blush, just a dusting on top of my cheekbones, my nose and chin. The trick (again as always darlings) is to start off with the lightest touch and then add more if needed.

Be careful. As with anything it's easy to go from innocent and hello-I'm-your-hooker-for-this-evening.

Trust in that.

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