Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cosmo's sexiest beauty secrets - the ultimate guide to looking gorgeous

Have you ever picked up a magazine and wanted to know every little secret on how they got their models to look like that?

Or at least be able to translate that into something that would work for you in the real world?

Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets ($20) actually hands out the best tips around to get you looking even more gorgeous than you already are.

Don't know it's true.

The book is literally chock full of tip after glorious tip.


* Fake the look of fuller lips by blending a thin line of liquid highlighter along your cupid's bow so the light will bounce off and play up this curvy area.

* Use the colors that work best for your eyes to really play them up. Green eyed godesses look best in plum or lavender eyes look divine in chocolate, bronze and gold...brown eyed lovelies should try navy or violet.

* While indoors under florescent lights prevent your skin from looking sallow by using a bright rose blush.

And like a million more.

It's the perfect little gift for that budding beauty guru in your life, or just something to pick up for yourself.

You should be able to find it wherever books are sold.

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