Saturday, November 22, 2008

david babaii for wildaid bohemian beach spray

For the past several weeks I have been playing around with a couple different brands of beach sprays/surf sprays. The first one I tried was this one by David Babaii for WildAid.

First let me say...if anything can give me the hope of having hair even remotely as great looking as Kate Hudson's hair (she partnered with David Babaii and has also been the guinea pig for every product in the line) - I'm all over it. And if it also happens to help a good cause - well, that's just the icing on the cake (10% of all profits are donated to WildAid to help endangered animals).

Bohemian Beach Spray is an eco-friendly non-aerosol styling spray that works for all hair types. It can be used on wet or dry hair to create various hair textures and volume. Globally sourced, Bohemian Beach Spray contains sea salt from the Dead Sea in Israel for naturally enhanced texture; mineral rich Volcanic Ash from the Vanauatu Islands of the South Pacific for increased volume; a trio of Blue Algae, Mango and Kiwi that keep hair thoroughly hydrated. Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Oil and Cupuacu Butter further aid moisture retention. This extraordinary blend works together to create texture or volume, while strengthening and moisturizing.

I have tried other beach sprays in the past with results that weren't...well....results. My hair didn't look or feel any different. I can't claim the same here. The Bohemian Beach Spray smells very yummy and tropical, coconuts come to mind first (the scent is strong at first but is less noticeable after the hair dries). It definitely adds texture and volume. So much so that I actually attempted to try out that super cute "I just rolled out of bed and my hair is naturally wavey but not really" look and was able to pull it off, which is impressive because my hair normally can't hold a curl/wave much longer than it takes me to walk from the bathroom into my bedroom....about 3 feet. And it held it all day long. I sprayed it on and then wrapped hair around my flat iron and pulling it through to create loose curls and then finger combed them out to get more waves than curls. I have also tried spraying it on my hair when it's wet and then just styling as normal. It adds a little extra oomph that helps the volume stick around a lot longer than usual. The best part, it's only 11.95!

To check out this beach spray and the rest of the products from the line, check out



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