Sunday, November 2, 2008

domino magazine event in la with michael moloney and oral b pulsonic

We both are major fans of the Oral B Pulsonic Toothbrush.

Apparently Michael Moloney (of Extreme Home Makeover fame) is also a fan and recently delivered some tips for modern bathroom design at a recent event had by Domino Magazine in LA.

Check out his divine tips below:

My point of view on designing for the home is simple. I take an eclectic and fresh approach while blending the new and trendy with the practical.

Your home is a place that should be comfortable yet functional, and above all speak to you and your family’s personality and needs. This rule of thumb applies to all rooms in the home, including the bathroom.

I think the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, as it’s one of the most personal spaces. A bathroom needs to have good design so it can be fully functional, easy to clean, and works for you and your family’s daily routine. Here are what I believe to be the latest fashions and trends in bathroom design:

* It’s all about the surfaces! Natural materials - like stone, bamboo, organic fibers – clean, metallic finishes and sleek, uncluttered surfaces are hot right now.

* Demand form and function! Right now, trends in bathroom design are all about form and function. From the vanity to the sink and showerhead, everything in the bathroom should be clean, sleek, functional and incorporate great design.

* Lighting is key! When you have all the major parts in place like the tub, shower and vanity, you need to make sure you are using lighting appropriately. Well-thought-out and well-placed lighting can really impact the entire look and feel of a room; even the bathroom.

* Less is more! In the bathroom, clutter is never in style. Clean, simple and organized spaces are all key. To keep your space clutter-free, throw out one item each time you go into your bathroom drawer. Whether it’s an empty bottle of perfume or a three-year-old bottle of shampoo, this will really help to minimize the clutter in your space.

* Don’t forget to accessorize. Again, current home design trends are all about form and function, and this not only applies to home d├ęcor but also for the products and accessories in your home. Choose bathroom accessories that marry beautiful design with performance - items that are functional, but also look great and don’t take up a lot space on the bathroom counter - like the new Oral-B Pulsonic. The sleek, space-saving silhouette makes it easy to incorporate great design into your bathroom. Another thing, Pulsonic whitens teeth in two weeks by reducing surface stains by up to 94 percent.

* Small space? Keep it Clean! Design is definitely getting cleaner and more contemporary. As space becomes more limited, think of function and multi-purpose items.

* Design for YOU! Most importantly, design your bathroom for you! Start with the layout, then choose your decorating materials and accessories to fit. Design your space around what you like and what your needs are.

Fabulous advice!

Our fave decorating tip for the bathroom...think outside the box.

Go beyond the bath accessory aisles and check out the other sections of the store. You can find perfect canisters for storage, baskets, cute glasses for toothbrush holders, and more!

Jennifer and Christine


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