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fall tips for entertaining on a budget with david tutera

Alright, the countdown is on.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and it pretty much kicks off holiday party after holiday party.

Here are some quick, easy, and budget-friendly fall entertaining ideas from (sigh) David Tutera.


Tip #1

A signature drink is a great way to save money and eliminates the need for a full bar.

Create a signature cocktail and you can even name it something fun and creative.

For a tasty cocktail that will add color to your event, serve Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur over ice with a splash of Prosecco. Create the perfect cocktail garnish in a instant using a maple leaf cookie cutter and round slices of apple or pear.

Tip #2

Pumpkins are a classic and inexpensive accent to any fall gathering. One creative way to incorporate them into your décor is to use miniature pumpkins as place cards at your table. Simply cut a slit across the top of the pumpkin and inserting the card.

Another idea could be to line the walkway to your party with jack-o’-lanterns instead of traditional votives or luminary bags.

If you really want to get fancy, impress your guests by serving your soup course out of hollowed-out gourds. You can also hollow out squash or miniature gourds to serve a first-course soup or even pumpkin ice cream or mousse for dessert!

Tip #3

Incorporate parts of the season into your fall floral arrangement. Non-traditional items such as lavender, feathers, berry branches, wheat, artichokes and eggplants all make beautiful additions to any fall centerpiece.

Artichokes are a wonderful harvest item that can be incorporated into the festivities in numerous ways. Set one at each place setting and tuck in a name card, or push back the inside leaves and nestle a taper candle inside. Use hot glue to secure for festive fall candle holders.

Tip #4

For festive fall placemats that won’t cost you a lot of money, cut paper or thin fabric to the desired size and use hot glue to secure colorful autumn leaves. Lay them side-by-side and let them overlap a little to create a lush autumnal cushion for your meal.

Create chic fall table décor on a budget by cutting out large pieces of felt in fall shapes like maple leaves, pumpkins or turkeys. Place them overlapping down the center of the table for a great table runner or set them down as festive trivets.

Great tips to make your gatherings a little more festive.

We have some great drink recipes to share and we'll be getting to those a little later this week!

Nuvo liqueur can be found at liquor stores nationwide.

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