Wednesday, November 26, 2008

get in shape with hoopnotica

This is something that you're definitely going to want to try.

Especially after stuffing your tummy full of turkey and sweet potato casserole.

Yum...while eating, but ugh after.

At least when you're struggling with the zipper on your jeans the next day.

It's normally after holiday feasting that I decide to incorporate a new exercise routine into my day.

We recently had the opportunity to check out the new craze Hoopnotica ($50 for a starter kit) and I gave it a test run.

It combines hula hooping and exercise...making it one of those I'm-burning-calories-but-having-fun kinda things.

Way more fun than jumping on a treadmill and walking/running nowhere.

Plus you can burn as many calories doing Hoopnotica as you would running.

Not bad.

This is due in part to the moves and the ginormous hoop that you get in the kit...I mean this hoop is major and heavier than hoops you've used when you were a kid.

After doing one of the tapes I was literally tired after the first 10 minutes. Like tired tired. Like an I-gotta-sit-down-right-now tired.

I love that it's fun to do and you can certainly feel it working other muscles of your body...the core area being the most important.

Also perfect is the fact that the hoop can be broken down for travel. Now you have no reason why you're not working out on the road.

And I have no reason not to work out after gorging tomorrow.

They have a great starter kit that includes a TravelHoop, Hoopdance DVD, and hoop tote. The kit is available for $49.95 from

Enjoy a little snippet of the DVD here...

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