Thursday, November 20, 2008

gift ideas from christine

So, earlier this week I mentioned something about sharing the story of my first Christmas with the hubby. I'll try to keep it short. This was before we were married, actually he proposed on December 1st that year, so we were newly engaged and I was feeling pretty confident about him and our relationship. My birthday was a week after the engagement and he rocked it. A fancy dinner, a print I wanted - he even got it framed and various other awesome things. I was SO looking forward to Christmas that was all of 2 and half weeks away.....

Worst Christmas EVER!

I cried and questioned how well I actually knew him or how well he knew me. I'll explain. There was a smoked a box....that the cat didn't even go near. There were more but it's too painful to mention. And yes, I am aware that the holidays aren't about presents, but if you get them you sort of expect them to be either a). what you asked for or b). a pleasant surprise - not a smelly fish in a box. And every single year he tends to get one or the other really well. There was one year he did awesome with both my birthday and Christmas, but I had just had our son, so he combined all of those into one great gift.

So to prevent anyone else from being attacked with a "what the... !!" moment, here are some items I think would make lovely gifts.

First, let me just say I read this book from cover to cover in one night and will be doing it again very soon. This book is FULL of great information and how-tos.

Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual - it is an awesome step-by-step guide for everyone. There is a chapter in there for everything from how to pick your foundation, apply every type of makeup and there is even a special makeup section (brides, teens, pregnant women, etc). This book is $32 but I found it on Amazon for $21.12. It is a hardcover and with over 250 pages of useful information.

Next up, Ralph Lauren's Notorious (which totally makes me break out into song no, no, no, notorious). I have this and I like it. I didn't think I would since I'm not big on the heavier, spicy fragrances especially patchouli, but now that it's much colder out I like it for going out at night. I'm not too sure I would wear this during the day - I have worn during the day but I think for me it's better for night. An addictive sparkling spiced scent designed to captivate with intriguing notes of deep black currant, decadent chocolate cosmos and sensual patchouli musk.Daring. Sexy. Confident. daring, sexy and confident -- with a rich, long-lasting fragrance. I read one review that said it really smelled like cocoa, but I didn't pick up on that. I do agree that it's not as sexy or daring as one would think given the description but it is really long-lasting. Price varies depending on the size and you can find it wherever find fragrances are sold, or online at

Finally, when all else cards, gift cards, gift cards. I actually love getting gift cards. Some think they are impersonal but I much rather go in I love shopping, so it's like 2 gifts in one, especially to somewhere like Sephora.

I hope this helps someone out there. My husband is aware of this phenomenon as well, so much so, he just asked me last night if it was the year for the good birthday or the good Christmas. So there you go. I have learned to accept it, since it has never changed regardless of lists or hints or saying "that would be a great present". And now that our son is older it has become much less about us and more about him.



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