Monday, November 3, 2008

givenchy phenomen'eyes mascara

Not too long ago, Big L and I headed out to a movie that had gotten some rave reviews.

Comments like...this was the funniest movie that I've ever seen and I've never laughed so hard come to mind.

So Big L and I made the babysitter arrangements, found a theater still playing the had been out for a while...and headed out for the night.


The movie sucked.

Well...that's a little just wasn't as funny as we would have thought.

Kind of a disappointment.

Is it because our friends lied and didn't like the movie? No...that's crazy. More like it just worked for just didn't work for us. The word meh comes to mind.

That's a lot like this mascara.

I don't doubt that others who have tried this have really liked it and loved their results. Just checking out reviews on and even can show you how varied each person's results were.

It just didn't work for me.

The concept of this is fabulous...the brush is unbelievable and really gets to every lash perfectly.

The one downfall? I believe that it's the mascara formula. Every time I tried it...sometimes by mid-day, but always by the end of the would smudge pretty much all off. And that's without applying it to my bottom lashes.

Not so good.

Considering the price is $27, I was glad that I held on to my Sephora receipt and returned it.

I just wish that we could have gotten a return on the movie tickets. What's it like almost $15 bucks a ticket now?

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Jenna said...

What movie was it?

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna,

Don't hate me...but Tropic Thunder. It had some funny parts, but definitely not the laugh a minute riot that I had thought it would be.


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