Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the holidays with bumble and bumble

Yesterday I was flipping through one of about a hundred magazines I have lying around the house and it was listing gifts for various prices. I saw the bumble and bumble bandball (think rubber band ball but with pontytail holders) and I thought it was awesome.

Turns out bumble and bumble has 3 awesome holiday gift options....pay attention hubby (one day this month I will share the story of my first Christmas with the hubby - it's been long enough that it's almost funny now....almost).

First, Bb.Bandball (pictured right), a ball of cheer that’s not only decorative but useful, boasting 100 bright elastics. So how happy would you be if this turned up in your stocking this year? And it's only $20.

Next up is the Creme de Coco Box (pictured left) for $50. It contains Creme de Coco Shampoo, Creme de Coco Conditioner and Brilliantine.
This cleansing and conditioning duo takes unusual advantage of the hairy fruit by incorporating coconut oil in its purest form to condition and restore moisture. Brilliantine adds extra sheen and definition. And the cover of the box shows the 30-piece bobby pin collection that the set also comes with, appropriately named Bb. Pinwheel.

And finally, The Gentle Box (pictured right) is also $50 and contains Gentle Shampoo, Super Rich Conditioner and Styling Lotion. Luxurious cleansing and conditioning formulas impart just the right amount of moisture to chronically parched and chemically addicted tresses. Styling Lotion offers gentle control and added conditioning. And on the cover of this one is the Bb.Bandwheel, this set offers 30 brilliantly-hued elastics.

The limited edition hair baubles were designed exclusively for Bumble and bumble by artist, inventor and lover of functional objects, Piet Houtenbos (son of Hair Hero Christiaan). The boxes (designed by resident Bumble and bumble artist Gillian Haro) feature illustrations of hair tools that look like something you’d discover in a curiosities shop – in a mad mix of fun, festive, carnival colors.

To get your hands on a gift box or big ball of hair elastics you can either order by phone at
1.888.7Bumble or visit bumbleandbumble.com to find a Bb.Network Salon in your area or to order directly.



Laurie // 312 Beauty said...

The elastic ball is seriously adorable! I always wear plain black elastics in my hair though - but I might get it for my 12 year old niece!

The LA Pretties said...

In regards to this post, We would love for you to check out our recent insight into the Band Ball:


The LA Pretties

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