Wednesday, November 26, 2008

how-to achieve the totally gorgeous look of taylor swift at the ama's

Totally loving the easy-glam look that these ladies sported at the American Music Awards.

Girlactik Beauty’s founder, Galit Strugano shares how to achieve the subtle, smoky eye and glowing tints seen on celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, and Ashley Tisdale.

Start by applying a pewter shadow like Girlactik’s Star Shadow in Vintage ($16), along the crease of your eyelid, apply a softer smoky color like Girlactik’s Star Shadow in Sultry ($16) on the lid itself, line eyes with a black eyeliner and smudge. (editor's note: you can always go over that line with one of the powder shadows to make it a little softer)

To get the fresh, rosy-cheeked look that really sets everything off, use Girlactik’s Star Blush in Bora Bora ($16), a coral pink color with golden undertones (editor's note: smile and apply it to your apples, then blend up and out). For that last touch, apply Girlactik’s Skin Glow Body Shine ($26) on décolletage, shoulders, and cheeks for a subtle glisten.

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Jet Rhys said...

For the holiday season, try recreating these gorgeous big dippy waves yourself!
How to get the look:
start with slightly dirty hair, washed the day before. This will help give more texture to each hair strand and hold the wave best.
long bobby pins
Work with hair in two inch sections at a time starting at the top of the head and working down. Hairspray the section and then wind it in a circle until you almost reach the scalp. (It helps to use a finger to loosely wind the hair and once you get a circle just pull your finger out and secure the loop with a bobby pin.) Place a piece of tissue under the bobby pin first, to help prevent creasing the hair from the pin. Continue with the rest of the hair until you run out. The trick to this look is to leave the root area flat and to have the ocean wave continuing through the rest of the hair.
Let hair sit for 20 -30 minutes then un-wind each loop. Lightly finger comb the hair to unite the sections and voila – amazing waves!

This winter, if your hair is battling cold dry air, avoid over shampooing, which can strip natural oils from the hair causing it to look flat and limp. Also, use products from companies that practice sustainability such as the Davines Veggie Miracle Cream to restore moisture. For an extra boost in hair repair, swipe the product on dry ends and blowdry the tips. The heat opens the cuticle 5 times larger for better penetration and speeds up recovery.

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