Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new from kerastase...specifique

One of our absolute favorite haircare lines, Kerastase, has just released new products that are considered specialist treatments...meaning they target specific problems of the hair and scalp.
Specifique is comprised of three subdivisions, designed to provide solutions for those with dandruff, oily scalp or thinning hair. In addition to addressing scalp concerns and acting as a treatment line while symptoms persist, this advanced collection allows Specifique to address the problem without compromising the overall healthy look of hair.

Specifique is ideal for those with:

Dandruff An overabundance of micro-organisms on the scalp, specifically yeast, lead to an excess build-up of cell clusters, which eventually break apart, forming dandruff.

Bain Gommage for dry scalp, dandruff ($39) - Gently cleanses the scalp, helps to eliminate symptoms of dandruff and prevent their recurrence. Scalp is soothed and calmed while dry, sensitized ends are nourished.

Bain Gommage for oily scalp, dandruff ($39) - Gently exfoliates the scalp, and helps to eliminate symptoms of dandruff and prevent their recurrence. Provides a healthy look and lightness to the hair while the scalp is soothed and purified.

Fluide Purifiant for dry and oily scalp, dandruff ($41) - Purifies, soothes and rebalances flaky scalps, while calming irritation.

Peeling Purifiant for dry and oily scalp, dandruff ($60) - In-Salon treatment that thoroughly cleanses the scalp and reduces the symptoms of dandruff. Scalp is soothed and calmed.

Oily Scalp
This condition is the result of an over-stimulated sebaceous gland, which produces excess sebum, forcing it to eventually travel the hair fiber and weigh the hair down.

Bain Divalent for oily scalp & hair ($39) - Helps absorb excess oils on the scalp while balancing and selectively nourishing the dry areas of the hair fiber.

Masquargil for oily hair and scalp ($60) - In-Salon treatment that purifies and refreshes the scalp while nourishing lengths without weighing it down. Hair is left feeling natural, soft and supple.

Thinning HairInternal factors cause many hair types to grow differently, sometimes resulting in hair that eventually becomes finer and suffers from loss of density.

Bain Densitive GL for thinning hair
($39) - Soothes and calms the scalp while adding substance and texture to the hair fiber.

Lotion Densitive GL for thinning hair ($41) - Adds texture while generating an immediate cooling effect.

We're actually in the process of testing a couple of the shampoos...and so far we love what we see. We'll be sure to to a full review and keep you posted!

In the meantime, be sure to head on over to for more info, to make a purchase, or to find a salon that carries Kerastase products!

Jennifer and Christine
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