Sunday, November 2, 2008

runway to realway beauty courtesy of who what wear tv

We love Who What Wear and we adore videos that give you the how-tos and tips to get the looks you want.

In this little clip, Hil and Kat bring in Kayleen McAdams (Rachel McAdams sister...natch!) to show you how to interpret a runway look into a wearable look that you can carry off going about town.

It's from the Spring Prada show...but you can really carry this look now honestly.

While she works, play a little recognize the product (just for funzies) and see if you can tell which mascara brand and (for bonus points) type she's using. (Hint:It's Jenn's absolute fave).

She also delivers some great tips along the way.


Liked it? Head on over to for more great fashion and beauty tips.

Jennifer and Christine


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