Sunday, November 16, 2008

sonya dakar clarifying collection

New to the Sonya Dakar family of products is the Clarifying Collection. It includes the Aςaí Clarifying Wash, Deep Pore Clarifying Serum, and Pore Minimizer each addressing all the causes of acne and offers a cutting-edge solution for those who experience breakouts but also have concerns with sensitivity, aging, and pigmentation.

The new Clarifying Collection works synergistically with the existing regimen to address these concerns leaving a clear and more youthful complexion all over.

Created specifically to address mature (adult) acne and rosacea, the Clarifying Collection combines a fusion of some of the most natural and technologically-advanced ingredients found in the Brazilian Rainforest to treat acne and blemishes while soothing skin and healing irritation.

Clinical studies conclude that after 8 weeks of use, the Triple A System drastically reduces the number of blemishes and reduces sebum activity by 70%, and resulting in skin that is less oily, more matte, softer, and more moisturized.

Salicylic, Azeloglicina, and Lactic Acid exfoliate and lighten the skin while working to normalize oil production. Natural botanicals of comfrey, zinc, menthol, peppermint, sandalwood, and orange deliver anti-inflammatory and oxygenating properties that work to decongest, calm, and soothe skin.

Aςaí Clarifying Wash ($45)

This light foaming cleansing gel soothes, softens, and gently deep cleanse to clear blemishes and even skin color. Great for a mature or easily sensitized skin that experiences breakouts. Gentle enough to use every day or as needed.

Our take so far: Even though we've only used it a few times, we noticed our couple of minor breakouts seemed to calm down. We also loved how refreshed our skin felt after using and minty, in a totally good way.

Deep Pore Clarifying Serum ($42)

This lightweight, fast absorbing gel helps to prevent and clear all different types of acne breakouts. The unique exotic extracts help to heal and soothe the skin while the anti-bacterial agent gets rid of blemishes and congested pores. Use as needed under moisturizer and cosmetics on face and body, day and/or night.

Our take so far: Definitely not like other serums. Made our skin appear more uniform. Really felt as if it was getting down into our pores.

Pore Minimizer ($48)

This mattifying treatment feels like “liquid powder” and reduces the appearance of large pores, helping to diminish breakouts. Organic Silicone and Silica reduce pore size, purify, and minimize oil production. May use morning and night all over or in the T-Zone.

Our take so far: Although we don't have the large pores, our T-Zone can definitely get oily throughout the day. This helped keep the oiliness at bay, while feeling like we had nothing on.

We're still in the testing phase, so we'll be sure to get back to you after a couple more weeks!

Jennifer and Christine


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