Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sorry...this needs to be said

I wasn't going to say anything about this, now I am. So far we've had a couple of people who were disrespectful enough to write disparaging comments about myself and my co-editor Christine.

For one they are implying that the contests we run on our blog are fake. That is completely not true and hurtful that a reader or readers would think that. We work hard to get companies to sponsor these giveaways and many times (unless stated) we are coming out of our own pocket to mail out said prizes to those winners. We choose each and every winner randomly out of the entries we receive and have received tons of happy emails from said winners.

Another thing is the vulgar language. Without getting to into it, neither one of us appreciates being called the "C" word.


Basically it goes like this...if you think our contests are fake, don't enter them.

If all you want to do is come on here and leave crude comments...stay the hell away from our blog.

Neither one of us needs your negativity and your hateful attitude. Go find another blog to visit that's more your style...crude and obnoxious, or another forum to vent on, and stay away from ours.



monique said...

wow...well said jen! so sorry this happened!

i completely agree you, hon-- if they don't like it, they don't need to participate!


KimmyDarling said...

Are you SERIOUS??? This is my absolute favorite beauty blog out there. I cannot believe somebody would 1) challenge your integrity like that, and 2) whip out the C-word!

Losers like that don't deserve to win a single thing, EVER!

I love everything about your blog.

Loyal BIRL Reader

Anonymous said...

what a shame that people have to stoop to that level. They are jealous and haters, and you don't even need to go there. Chin up and keep on writing and doing what you do best!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Prop 8 didn't pass in their state? ;)

What people do and say shows all about their character, not yours... let the haters hate... that's all they know how to do anyway....

Jen Hill said...

No freakin' kidding!

Sorry for the surly comments and keep up the fabulous work here Jen and Christine!

I am sure many of your winners would be more than happy to verify that they have won something here.

Unknown said...

I'm a winner! I won the Cargo blu-ray set, so I can verify to these haters that the contests are real. Why would anyone leave comments like that? I'm sorry this happened, but please know that the majority of your readers love the blog and love you guys - so don't be disheartened!

PRIIA Cosmetics said...

I'm so sorry yur blog had to be subjected to rude and socially unacceptable behavior. As a beauty blog owner myself, I know how upset I would be if this happened to me.

I read your blog and I think it's beautiful! Don't sweat a few losers who have NOTHING better to do with their time except cause havoc around the 'blogosphere'.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Needed to be said. Moronic!

Anonymous said...

I love your contests and know they are completely legit!!! I have won one and recieved the item in the mail quickly!! Sounds like someone who hates their life, jealous of your coolness and wants to bring others down. As for the language, really......, grow up and use your "educated" words. You two ladies rock!!! Don't let the haters take the fun out of such a great blog.

mrsshukra said...

Your beauty blog is the one I check several times a day because there are always new and interesting posts even on weekends. I also just received my prize yesterday. Thanks for the pink ped egg! Your contests are for real! Keep up the good work and aloha!

Anonymous said...

This problem seems to be running rampant on the cosmetic blogs lately. All I can say is forget them! I hate when a few people ruin things for the rest of us! Know that we love you and you have a bunch of great followers (and a few bad seeds). Please don't stop doing contests because of those few :) You almost have to feel sorry for people that have nothing better to do than visit your blog and leave asinine comments, huh?

actionashleigh said...

wow. i am shocked that someone would use the "c" word! what is wrong with people?!

and i have heard on other blogs that ppl are starting drama over contests. just because you didn't win doesn't give you a reason to be salty about it. i get excited for all of these ladies that win the prizes and i don't even know them!! your giveaways are so fun and i have yet to win one, but other girls say it's legit, and i'm sure you wouldn't just make these things up. people are just jealous, and quite annoying.

keep up the great work and just ignore the stupid ppl who don't appreciate you. i personally love this blog, and think you girls are wonderful.

Kimberly said...

Just amazing, I don't know about anyone else but I read these blogs because I love makeup & cosmetics. to date. They do awesome reviews, show the latest products & collections just to name a few. The contests here are not something these ladies have to do, but they take time & money to put these things together for our benefit. Not everyone can win, every time. If you want to win contests, than go find a contest blog, or any other place but here.
But as for me & the rest of my girls here, I give them & all my other fellow readers the utmost respect. I love em' & I'm standing by em' whether I win or not!!

Amy said...

Wow, I'm really sorry that happened. I've read about this happening to a few other bloggers (BeautyAddict, etc.). These people must have entirely too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Shake those haters off girls!! Y'all are doing a fantastic job xoxo Lianne

Huguette En said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've had to deal with such people. I can never understand why some people are so mean.

I love your blog and look forward to reading it! I appreciate the great information and tips. THANK YOU ♥


Fair_Elaine said...

I really enjoy this beauty blog.
You have tons of fans, sorry for the bad apples.
We can be grateful that there aren't many people like that on this site.
They're disturbed and trying to cast their anger on innocent others.

We shall ignore the naysayers!

Re said...

that's terrible!!! there's no need to be rude on anyone's blog, no one is forced to participate.

When I read this in my email I was floored. I was also disappointed in beauty in real life for even acknowledging these trolls and giving POWER to them. Don't ever give power and acknowledgement to someone who isnt worth it. I'm s ure many of the readers knew nothing about this, but by putting it in your newsletter you advertised just what these trolls wanted. I hope you don't allow these people to gain control again. I believe its best to ignore them.

I enjoy beauty in real life and i enjoy your contests. Keep up the great work on the blog and stay positive!

Jenna said...

I am also sorry that happened! That's ridiculously disrespectful. I'm sure it was just some angsty teenager, but still, not cool.

Anonymous said...

There are always going to be wingnuts leaving creepy comments, sadly. I was at a conference last week where the author of Dooce said, "If you write something inappropriate on my blog, I'm gonna print it out, run it over with my car, and then delete it - twice." The best response is to delete and the ruthlessly ignore!

An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

Dear Christine and Jennifer,

Well said ! I try my best to keep negativity out of my blog. I wonder how people can even come up with such hurtful things to say. I recently had one such weirdo write to me...but since my comments are moderated, I did not allow her extreme negativity to appear on my blog.
I love your blog and I visit it every single day ! You both are doing a great job and as a fellow beauty blogger I understand how difficult it is to organize giveaways and contests. I appreciate your hard work and don't let such stupid people effect you :) From the sheer number of people who have responded to this post you should know how much you two are loved in the blogosphere :)
Love ya !
Indian Girl

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to give a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has commented on what I wrote. It really warms our heart knowing that we have so many fabulous readers (and blogging buddies) out there who not only enjoy our blog, but actually care enough to take the time to say such wonderful things.

You are all truly beautiful.

I normally wouldn't have taken the time to even acknowledge comments like the ones we received...Christine or I have always deleted the obscene or bizarre ones. But this one struck a nerve and really ticked me off. I'm pretty good with letting things roll off my back, but the use of the "c" word coupled with the fact that I was having a really bad day, just added up to me responding like I did.

Anyway...without going on and on, in the future, all comments will have to be approved first...that way goofballs like this won't have a chance to tick me off.

Thanks again!



Jean said...

I am glad you said something. You have one of the best beauty blogs out there and I read it daily as well. I was just thinking today on the way to work, "how do they keep up with so much?" and I know the answer, hard work! For someone to come along and think they have to right to critical and rude is just wrong. As my mother always says, "they're just jealous!" We all love you so please never change!

The Jet Set Girls said...

J & C: You guys are doing an incredible job! Don't let the loud voices of a few discourage you. We've had a few haters stop by too; do you're best to forget about it.
Keep up your hard work. Some of us are very impressed!

Anonymous said...

Send us their email address so we can let them know the truth about themselves!!!!!!!!!!!

I have personally won twice from your site, and Do NOT know you, have NEVER met you, but still APPRECIATE every moment that you spend bringing us these opportunities to win fabulous prizes!!!!!!

Shame on them! I hope KARMA bites them in the @ss!!!!



SeptemberLovely said...

I think that's really effin' sh*tty of whoever said that. I can personally say that your contests are real. Additionally, I can also say that you are caring and generous people who went out of their way to make things right when I received a damaged item in the package I won, which you didn't have to do. I think whoever said this clearly doesn't understand the concept of "luck" and "random" and instead of seeing it for what it is (that they just haven't been lucky), they feel the need to make undeserved and completely false accusations. I just wanted to show you my support because I think you two and your blog is awesome and you should just put that person on ignore and let their entries go in your spam folder where it belongs!

Daneen :) said...


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