Friday, November 28, 2008

winter beauty tips - how-to create a spa-like experience at home

With winter almost upon us...our favorite makeup artist decided to stop by and offer up some of her winter beauty tips.

So without further ado, here's some tips from the fabulous Melissa Walsh...

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, there are a few beauty rituals I like to indulge in!

Set aside some time for yourself one evening and try these:

First of all, turn your bathroom into your sanctuary.

melissa's picks by beauty in real life

Start by lighting a candle - I'm loving Cannabis Santal by Fresh at the moment, smells warm and fuzzy and a bit like hot chocolate.

Next, get a warm fluffy robe and face towel and put them on the radiator to keep them warm.

Then tie your hair up and away from your face and clean off your makeup with a creamy cleanser (even oily skin as it removes makeup thoroughly).

Now get in the shower and scrub your whole body with a moisturizing body scrub, I'm a fan of Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, and rinse off well.

Get out of the shower and run a bath using a good quality bath oil like the ones by Dr Hauschka. These dissolve completely in the water with no oily residue. I particularly like the Lemon Bath Oil, but there are 4 others in the range: Lavender, Spruce, Sage and Rosemary and all have different benefits.

Before you get in, massage a layer of Fresh Sugar Face Polish onto your skin gently for about a minute and then leave on while you relax in the bath - I usually read my latest copy of Allure magazine, but you can just relax by candlelight if you don't fancy reading - be careful not to drift off though!

Lie there for as long as you like, but I recommend at least 10 - 20 minutes so you can absorb the benefits of the bath oil into your skin. Rinse off the mask/scrub with the bath water (the Dr Hauschka bath oils are also a facial rinse) and slowly get out.

Put on your robe and gently pat your face dry. Now is the time, while your skin is still slightly damp, to slather on your favorite body moisturiser, but steer clear of any with self tan in them as the oils on your skin will interfere with the absorption and you'll end up streaky!

Put on your facial cream and eye cream now - I love the Janson Beckett line - and add a good lip moisturizer to put back what the cold air took out - Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer is great...available online at or exclusively in Henri Bendel in New York - 1(800) HBENDEL (423-6335).

If you aren't falling asleep by now you must drink too much caffeine! Get an early night and you'll look great in the morning!

Wow! Thanks for the tips Melissa!

As rock!

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