Monday, December 8, 2008

adesign brushes...totally on my radar

Love these brushes from adesign.

Here are the two that I tested and adored. They totally became part of my makeup brush arsenal.

First off, one of my favorite products to use is cream blush. I love the consistency and the ease of use...fingers make for easy on-the-go application.

When I'm looking to be more precise and want to apply it quickly and without streaking, I use this adesign Cream Cheek Brush ($30).

It's basically a shorter version of a foundation brush that applies cream colors to your cheekbones with ease. Perfect for that fabulous dewy blush that looks as if you just came in from the cold.

This adesign Angle Eye ($22) is the perfect implement to swish on eye color to your crease and add highlight colors where ever needed.

Because of the angle you are able to get your eye color right where you need it by using the wiper technique.

Just hold the brush at your crease and apply it like an arch, back and forth.

The brush is so insanely soft, it literally whispers across your skin...dispensing color as it goes.


You can get adesign brushes at select distributers or go to to purchase online.

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