Wednesday, December 10, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - l'oreal studio smoothness smoothing cream what I've been dealing with lately is static.

Like crazy static.

Like I literally walk two feet across the room touch a doorknob or something and zap instant painful static.

Of course it's migrated it's way to my hair.

I have no idea why...nothing has really changed with my shampoos and conditioners, just crazy-annoying static that is driving me n-u-t-s.

Clearly the colder-dryer weather and the fact that the heat is now on in the house is taking a severe toll on my locks.

I'm rolling with it though...the best that I can.

I appreciate your condolences.

Anyway...what I've been doing besides using some majorly hydrating shampoos and using this.

L'Oreal Studio Smoothness Smoothing Cream
is something that I switch back and forth from when I need some flyaway control.

While the directions say that you can use this on your wet hair, I only use it on my dry hair as a finisher.

It does a great job of keeping everything in line without weighing down my strands. It also smells great and that's always a plus.

The fact that you can find this pretty much everywhere for under $10 is the best part.


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Leane said...

I get a can of Static Guard for a couple bucks each winter and whenever I need, I just spray myself, or my car, or wherever I have the static outbreak. When you spray yourself, don't spray directly at yourself.....more of a light spray to create an aura, and it will take the static out of your hair usually, too.

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