Monday, December 29, 2008

bumble and bumble hair powder

After doing some extensive reading while sick for these past couple of weeks, I learned that many of the pros recommend hair powder to extend the life of your color.

Instead of washing your hair everyday, they suggest every other day or every couple of days. Then use hair powder to absorb excess oil on days when you don't wash.

Simple really.

While I can't really go that long without washing the old locks, it is nice to have a product that can suck up the oil in my hair that tends to come around if I go a day without washing it.

Enter the Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder ($34) in brown.

Any day I wake up in the morning with some oiliness...and I don't feel like the usual shampoo...I spray this on and voila...instant volume, satin finish, and texture.

It feels a little funky on at first, but definitely gives it a unique texture...I can see why the pros use this at fashion shows for the crazy dos that they create. It'll help you hold any style with ease.

This also totally did the job of making my hair look presentable and not droopy. So that's good.

The only downside I can say about this is's basically a tinted brown spray that you are spraying on your hair. And in the air.

So...uh...if you have any light colored surfaces in your will adhere to it.

I suggest prompt removal of said tint because, otherwise, you'll be left with little brown spots all over.

Trust me.

While it adheres to the walls well, it definitely washes out easily the next day. And don't worry about it running down your face if you get caught in the rain, didn't happen.

Just thought you might be wondering.

Head on over to for more info and for some suggestions on how to use this product.

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Jet Rhys said...

I absolutely love Bumble and Bumble and think this powder spray is a life saver! Everyone should try it. If you ever happen to be caught away from home without your powder spray, you can substitute cornstarch. Surprising yes, but cornstarch is a great little trick for adding lots of volume and it absorbs the extra oil in your hair. Take 1/4 cup of cornstarch in a plastic container and using a blush brush apply to the roots of hair.

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