Thursday, December 11, 2008

bumble and bumble surf spray

Here is a product that I have wanted to try for years...literally years. Why have I never gone and bought it? I have no idea. Was it worth the wait.....ummm....heck yeah!

I heart Bumble and bumble Surf Spray ($21).

I have seen this mentioned in countless magazines. I saw it being used at Fashion Week. I finally had to get it.

I have tried this in a couple different ways. I have applied it to wet hair before I blow-dry, I have applied it to dry hair after I have blow-dried, but before the flat iron. I have applied to both wet and dry hair...that was too much for my hair to handle.

The way I seem to be using it the most is on wet hair before I blow-dry. It adds a little extra oomph and just enough texture since I have straight, fine hair. What I love is that it does not have a strong scent. It's almost neutral...almost. And the other thing that I love is that it lasts all day long. I have a problem with touching or playing with my hair throughout the day and I have been working really hard to not touch it too much which has been helped by the fact that I just cut it all off again but this also helps.

If I had longer hair or hair that wasn't pin straight, I would use this on wet hair and then blow-dry with the diffuser to get some waves going. Or use it after my hair was dry and then use my flat iron to get some waves/curls going.

Lesson for the day...don't wait years to try out a product. You will be sad that you didn't buy it sooner.


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Bella said...

You know? Just yesterday my BFF was announcing she shall end my Bumble & Bumble virginity. This might be it!!!

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