Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christine's nail color of the week...i'm fondue of you

Here is a color that I have had on either my hands or my toes or both since the first week of September. I'm Fondue of You is from OPI's La Collection de France and I love it. i first tried this color out when I went for a mani/pedi and the salon only had 3 of the then new France Collection and this was the better of the 3 shades. I wasn't super thrilled about it but I wanted to try something from the France Collection. I do most of my manicures myself, but I do go to the salon at least once a month for pedicures and when I go to this salon in particular, I always pick this shade. My husband actually knows it from all the others and when I come home he says..."I see you went with your standard color." I love it for Fall and Winter and I finally went a bought this color from Ulta when they were having their OPI polish on sale so I can use it anytime.

I have seen it described as a"chocolate covered cherry" and OPI's website says it's a luscious shade of milk chocolate. There is some red in there, it's not a solid brown - which I think you can see in the picture (side note: I am soooo hitting the after Christmas sales and getting a new camera so be patient, clear pictures will be coming soon!). I thought having stuff in the background would help the camera focus but I don't think it worked although, now you know I have a ferocious kitty...all 7 pounds of her and a chair from IKEA and beige carpet.



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