Monday, December 1, 2008

dermalogica precleanse

Who the heck would think that you could actually cleanse your face with, essentially, oil and it wouldn't make your skin feel disgustingly greasy afterward?

I sure didn't think so.

But I was curious and intrigued, so I gave Dermalogica Precleanse ($33) a try.

How it works is you apply the plant-based cleansing oil, which is fortified with Olive and Kukui oils, to your dry skin and just rub it all over your face in small circles...concentrating on the areas like your eyes to remove mascara and liner.

You then add a little warm water to your hands and rub them all over your face again. This creates an emulsion which is easier to rinse off the Precleanse and not leave your skin feeling yucky.

Now, it has to be said that I do not use tons of makeup on a daily basis...but I do use the basics, which includes mascara.

This takes it all off no problem.

As the name suggests, they do recommend you follow it up with a cleanser and the one I've been testing is their AGE Smart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser which delicately cleans my face and exfoliates it with Lactic Acid.

It also contains Vitamin E to leave my skin soft and well hydrated.

Surprisingly I do like them both. Even though neither gives me the sudsing action that I'm used to, they still clean my skin without leaving it feeling tight and dry.

Perfect for the colder months ahead.

You can find more info on Dermalogica products at

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