Thursday, December 11, 2008

living proof straight making no frizz styling spray

Today has been quite the crappy, rainy, windy, cold day. One thing not looking too hair.

I are wondering how in the world that is possible, but I think it has something to do with Straight Making No Frizz Styling Spray for fine to medium hair ($24).

When this first fell into my lap I assumed this was another not-so-great product that was going to produce some really horrible bed-head (and not in a good way). Especially since the directions tell you to spray until you can't spray anymore...10-15 sprays for short hair and they increase from there. And they say you can't apply too much, the more the better. Cut to me going, "ummm...yeah right, we'll see about that."

This stuff is supposed to block out the 2 main causes of frizz - humidity and friction and last for 16 hours. In addition to the frizz fighting it also is supposed to add shine and softness and help repel dirt and oil. And everything is enhanced with heat appliances. That's a lot of things one product is supposed to do.

How does it measure up? Well, I went out in the rain today and normally I would come back with all my little fine baby hairs all curled up and a halo above my head. Today....there is no halo of hair. There is actually less frizz than most normal days without the rain. And the first thing I noticed was how soft my hair felt.

Living Proof also makes this same product but for curly/wavy hair, no Frizz Wave-Shaping Curl Defining Styling Spray. Online at their website, everything is sold out, but I have it on good authority that this line of hair products will be available at Sephora and QVC in February.



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