Tuesday, December 9, 2008

loreal double extend mascara

I have been trying out the new mascara from Loreal. The new Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology Mascara, a revolutionary lash extension effect mascara the provides up to 80% longer-looking, nourished lashes.

There are a couple different things that make this mascara unique from the others. For starters, you apply a basecoat before the mascara. The basecoat is the white tube and goes on white to the lashes. I think this is so you can see where you need to apply the mascara...which totally works. If you still see white, you missed that section and can go back with the mascara and get all of your lashes.

The second difference is that this mascara forms as a tube around each individual lash so it instantly makes every lash stand out and not clump together. (I think the basecoat also helps with the clumping as well). The mascara also is suppose to lengthen your lashes up to 80 percent. I don't know if I would say 80% but it definitely does lengthen them. Between the tubes forming and the lengthening of the lashes it almost looks like you have false lashes on. I think the brush also plays a major part in the application of the mascara as well. You can really get into the inner corner and outer corner very easily and it helps with the clumps as well. Beofre I forget, the basecoat and mascara have to be applied one eye at a time, meaning you apply the basecoat to one eye and then the mascara and then switch to the other eye. That took some getting use to. Once I applied the basecoat to both eyes and then the mascara and the basecoat had started to dry too much by the time I was ready to apply the mascara. Plus the instructions tell you to complete both steps on one eye at a time.

The mascara is not hard (my lashes felt very soft and flexible) and it is very longwearing. It is also suppose to be smudge-proof, flake-proof and resist smearing and running. I can say that it is pretty good with all four of those statements. My only complaint with this mascara is the removal process. Does it bother me enough to not use the mascara? My answer is no, but I do consider it before I apply. This mascara only removes with warm water. There is not a makeup remover on the planet that will work. Since it only removes with water and there are a bazillion little tubes on your lashes, well, it makes a mess all over your face. I have gotten better with the removal process and now it only takes a minute or two to get all the tubes off. I highly suggest a cotton pad or ball or washcloth. It says you can use your fingers, but I found that using your fingers just spreads the mess around. I also suggest really, really wet cotton balls/pads or washcloth. The more water the better.

It has been Ophthalmologist and allergy tested and is suitable on sensitive eyes & for contact lens wearers. You can find this mascara wherever Loreal is sold for around $10.95.



Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the white primer beforehand. That would make it easier to see lashes that you've missed which is perfect for me considering my lashes are medium length but very light in color at the tips.

The washing off part sound like a bit of a task but at least you know it's not coming off until you REALLY want it to. :)

Jenn said...

the basecoat is perfect for seeing the lashes that you have missed. i have really light brown/blonde lashes so it really helps with seeing them.

it is a chore to remove it but the mascara works so well it's worth a little extra removal work at the end of the day.

Ashley Rose said...

i like clinique makeup

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