Thursday, December 4, 2008

prescriptives any wear multi-purpose stick

So here's the story, over Thanksgiving weekend my husband decided to redo our master bathroom. I think he got really, really tired of me asking when we were going to redo it and finally caved....after almost 2 years. Anyhoo, he assured me he would be done in 2 days - 3 at the most, but for sure before the weekend was over. So, I needed to get whatever I needed for those 4 days out of the bathroom.

Fast forward to today....I am still using MJ's bathroom and haven't been allowed back in mine....but I have once again been reassured it will be done by this weekend. I'll keep you posted but I'm not holding my breath.

My point...I only grabbed the essentials that I needed. And since the other bathroom is about half the size of mine I didn't feel right schlepping everything in there just so I have least when it came to my foundation. I admit to bringing a couple palettes of eye shadows with me - a girl's gotta have some options.

The foundation that I grabbed was the Prescriptives Any Wear Multi-Purpose Foundation Stick with SPF 15 ($35). I picked this one for a couple reasons. 1). Space is an issue and these are only a couple inches tall. The reason, well, you get 2 of these (just like the picture) and they are small so you can keep one in your handbag or your makeup bag at the office or for travel. Reason #2, in the winter I like a little extra coverage and this is a medium coverage cream foundation that you can build on if you need more. I don't apply this to my entire face, just where I think I need to even out my skin tone.

This foundation is super easy to apply since it's a stick, it's easy to get it just where you need it. It blends easily and it does leave a smooth finish like it claims. And it does last most of the day (also like it claims - up to 8 hours). It is also suppose to soothe skin with Aloe Extract and Vitamin E, my skin has not been irritated by this makeup and I think it helps with the cold weather. My only complaint is that if you use this on a daily basis, you are going to go through one of the tubes pretty quickly. Once I realized that, I started to go easy on the application and just applying it where it absolutely needed to be. I would probably suggest either finding this foundation in a regular size and then using these tubes for touch ups when you are out.

Here's hoping I get back into my bathroom this weekend!



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