Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a tale of two balms...julie hewett camellia balm and the body deli mai tai lip gloss

I'm positively bananas over balms.

Anything lip related always gets my immediate attention and generally ends up in my bag...a new addition to my ever growing collection.

Here's two that made the cut for their ability to be kick-butt lip quenchers and not sticky messes.

Read on...

Julie Hewett Camellia Balm ($14) comes in either stick or pot form and does a fabulous job of conditioning my lips.

Clear so you can use it under and over lip color...and your hair won't stick to it either, so that's just the topping on the cake.

It's like balm without the goop.


My other favorite balm isn't really labeled as one at all.

The Body Deli Mai Tai Lip Gloss ($8) is so not anything like it's gloopier counterparts.

It smells yummy, hydrates my lips, delivers a fabulous shine, and doesn't make everything stick to it.

So that's just about perfect right there.

Plus it tastes sweet...although I don't suggest that you grab a spoon and dig in.

Try and for more info or to purchase.

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

It's great to know that there are lip balms out there that are minus the "goop". I tend to avoid balms for that very reason but I'm going to check out that Body Deli one next time I'm near a store. Thanks!

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