Friday, December 12, 2008

today kicks off the clinique happy weekend!

File this under cool.

Today, December 12th thru Sunday, December 14th Clinique will officially be Clinique’s Happy Weekend!

Doing a little pay it forward and to bring some cheer and good will to consumers, Clinique will be brandishing shoppers with Random Acts of Happiness at the Happy Weekend Hospitality Tent in key cities across the country...think New York, Chicago and Miami.

How utterly holiday-rific is that?

At the Happy Weekend Hospitality Tents a Clinique Happy Santa and Elves will present passersby with free hot chocolate, cookies, Happy candy canes and complimentary gift wrapping (regardless of where the gifts were purchased)!

Uh...can you say awesome?

Also, Clinique counters nationwide will be gifting free iPods to lucky consumers chosen from those who enter to win, regardless of whether they have purchased a Clinique product.

And Happy Elves will be on the watch for anyone in need of help.

Another cool thing?

For the throngs of divine fans who visit Clinique’s Facebook Page daily, they've made it easier to share your holiday happy wishes. Visitors can post their happiest moments on Clinique’s Facebook Happy Wall for everyone to read around the world.

Here's some of their tips for sharing the happiness this holiday season...

1. Smile a lot during the holidays.
2. Say thank you to people.
3. Perform a random act of kindness.
4. Talk about all the good things that are happening in the world.
5. Remind someone about all the reasons to be happy.
6. Give a child something to smile about.

What a phenomenal way to make you feel good inside and out!

See for their The Ten Days of Happiness where Clinique will share a happy thought daily – send to your friends and loved ones and create a virtual happy moment!

Happy Holidays!

Jennifer and Christine
proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks
*image taken from last year's event


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