Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a typical evening with Christine

A typical evening usually starts with a nice glass of wine and a warm, roaring fireplace....

Just kidding, who's got time for that?! I wish I did, but by the time little MJ hits the sheets, I am not far behind him....at a whopping 8:00 pm. I couldn't feel more like a 100 year old woman if I tried.

Now, I'm going to share a little secret with you, before this whole beauty blogging thing, I couldn't have care less about a nighttime routine. I was (and am) normally to tired to worry about serums and moisturizers and whatever else is suppose to happen at night. I figured if I did it at least once during the day (normally my morning routine) then that was good enough for me. I always removed my makeup and took a warm washcloth to the face and of course, brushed my teeth, but that was all that I was up for.

Since then, the world of beauty blogging has opened my eyes to a whole new world. And I will admit it took me a while before I was willing to try out any nighttime products, with the sensitive skin and all. I thought "if it ain't broke don't fix it." But I have surrendered to the powers of skincare and now have a nighttime routine. Here it is,

First, I start with the Precleanse from Dermalogica that Jenn just reviewed. Read her review here. When I heard about this, I thought there is no way I am putting oil on my face, my skin will revolt and I will breakout. I was wrong. This stuff is great. It removes almost every mascara I have. There are a couple that I have that will only come off with warm water. Like Jenn mentioned, you apply this to your face and then add water and it lathers up. You can actually see your makeup coming off.

Next up is my cleanser. I have 2 that I switch between. On a regular basis I use Lisa Hoffman's Night Cleanser ($30). The Night Cleanser is specifically formulated to remove makeup, debris, environmental toxins and excess oils. It also replenishes hydration for increased radiance and comfort. Shea butter and other botanicals nourish and condition the skin for a supple, smooth and soft texture. Lavender oil soothes the senses and readies the mind for a blissful night of rest. Peptides diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing the formation of future lines and wrinkles. The skin is left soft, pure and relaxed. This works well for me and afterwards I don't always feel like I need to follow up with a moisturizer. If it's a particularly cold day I might or whenever the skin is still feeling that extra tight feeling.

The other cleanser that I have been using, usually once or twice a week is Sonya Dakar's Acai Clarifying Wash ($45). A refreshing, light foaming facial cleanser unlike any other. Balances oil production while salicylic and lactic acids decongest and exfoliate. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. If my skin is behaving extra bad (breakouts everywhere) I use this more often.

If I do have breakouts or I feel some coming on, I will turn to Sonya Dakar's Deep Pore Clarifying Serum ($42). Daily, fast-absorbing acne control This effective serum targets existing acne and prevents future breakouts with a powerful blend of salicylic acid and a blend of powerful antioxidants from the Brazilian Rainforest. Its gentle formula penetrates deep to eliminate acne-causing bacteria for a clear, healthy complexion. Gentle enough for daily use on sensitive and blemish-prone skin types. I don't use this all over, more like spot treatment. If I were to use this all over every day my skin would dry out like crazy. A side note, this Serum, and the above mentioned Clarifying Wash and the Pore Minimizer that I talked about in my morning routine, all makeup the new Clarifying Collection from Sonya Dakar. This collection helps you get blemish free and is safe for sensitive skin. I like it so far, but I am pretty sensitive to salicylic acid and have to use it pretty sparingly. That is why I only use the wash once or twice a week and the serum as spot treatment.

Next up, I evaluate whether or not I need a moisturizer. Depending on how my skin is acting I either use the Clinique's Comfort on Call, or Dermalogica's Barrier Repair. Both of which I discussed in the my morning routine story. You can view them here .

And last, but not least, eye cream. I think...well...I know this is the one product that I will never forget. Even when I do forget I get back out of bed to put it on. On my most tired of nights, if I just do my old washcloth routine I will still put forth the effort of putting on eye cream. Lately I have been using either Clinique All About Eyes Rich (also what I have been using in the morning) or Jurlique's Biodynamic Beauty Eye Cream ($45). Both of these eye creams work really well. Which one I chose just depends on which one I see first one I get in the drawer.

Some nights I don't do everything, it just depends how my day has gone and how much energy I have left by the time I wander into the bathroom to wipe the day away.



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