Wednesday, January 14, 2009

beauty buys under $10 - belli motherhood moisturizing hand sanitizer

Lately, I have become a tad bit obsessed with keeping my hands germ free.

It could be the fact that Little L's playschool class seems to be experiencing a different illness of the week.

Or it could be that some people clearly do not bother to use good hygiene and wash their freaking hands after using the bathroom.

I mean...really...use soap and water people, it takes like 30 seconds of your time.

Anyway, I normally carry some sort of hand sanitizer in my bag, or keep a packet of Wet Wipes in the minivan, just for those times when I can't wash my hands with soap and water

Lately I've been loving this one by Belli Motherhood ($6).

It has this light citrus-y scent and actually conditions your hands while you're using it. No tight and/or dry feeling I would experience with regular hand sanitizers.

Once finished, my hands feel softer and I feel better knowing that the little microscopic germies have hit the high road.


You can get this online at, in store at Pottery Barn Kids and other select retailers.



HandyMan said...

i.e hand sanitizer, You might want to consider Soapopular, an equally effective, yet half the price when compared to Belli. Its alcohol-free, rinse free, fragrance free and dye free product (antiseptic and hypoallergenic)
A 3.4oz bottle (dispensed in soft foam format) is $3.49 online at and provides 250 applications. There's an 8.45 bottle that's great for the office desk..600 apps..also online at (for $5.49, and WalMart SuperCenters have that size for $4.29... But when buying online, enter Get20off when prompted for the promotional code!!

London Mabel said...

Make sure the concentration of alcohol is high enough. (And there has to be alcohol, otherwise how is it working??) I'm sure a lot of sanitizer products are BS.

Anonymous said...

I love the Belli Motherhood hand sanitizer. I love how it doesn't leave my hands smelling like alcohol. I dont mind the 6.00 cost a little goes a long way, I have had mine in my car for 4 months & it is great for when the kids get in the car after being at the park or friends house ect..
Belli's website always has specials going on. Sign up for the VIP program & you will get special offers almost weekly.I have sensitive skin so this stuff doesnt kill my hands.
I do agree water and soap are the best way to keep your hands clean but when you dont have that option i would go for this handsanitizer

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