Thursday, January 22, 2009

christine's nail color of the week...opi room service

I know this feature has been MIA for a while. But there was the holidays when I had my entire family here, and my nails looked decent for like a day. And then I redid them but then I.....wait for a new camera!!!! So, I wanted to wait until the new one came in before I started my nail color pick of the week back up.

Also, I desperately needed a professional manicure. This winter is reeking some serious havoc on my skin...especially the cuticles. So, this past Tuesday, after I managed to tear myself away from the inauguration coverage on the TV my husband told me I needed to get out of the house by myself for a little while. I didn't hesitate for a second and shot out of here like a person with a mission. After one of the better manicures I have paid for recently, I decided I really, really like this color. I picked a lighter color to give myself a break from the darker colors I have been sporting for the last few months. I chose OPI's Room Service.

This 2 coats of the color plus a base and top coat. It has some shimmer to it when the light hits it right. It has some pink in it, but not too much. I love this color! I even told my mom to go check it out. I will be looking to purchase this at Ulta when the next coupon comes rolling in the mail.

How about that new camera!?!?! No more fuzzy, horrific pictures. Thank you Amazon Day After Christmas Sale!!


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Unknown said...

omg u can so be my hand twin!! :)

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