Friday, January 2, 2009

how-to create the five minute face

I've been watching some major TV series marathons these past couple of weeks.

First House, then NCIS, then House again, then one of the CSI's (can't remember which - they're pretty much all the same now really), and now today it's TLC's What Not to Wear marathon.

I love that show.


If you adore Carmindy (the transforming makeup artist on the show) and want to perfect her 5 minute face...and you weren't one of the lucky winners of her book. Here's a video I found on You Tube that features her quick and easy tips for the essential five minute face.

Be warned, she's really hawking her makeup collection for Sally Hansen (although her products are pretty great) and uses them throughout.

Nonetheless it's still a great video for those of us who literally have a few minutes to get ready in the morning.


You can find out more about her line with Sally Hansen at

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Carmindy is wonderful! She can bring out anyone's natural beauty, I love that.

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