Wednesday, January 21, 2009

rusk speed freak professional 2000w ceramic turbo dryer

I honestly love this blow dryer. It is by far, one of the best dryers that I have ever owned.

After the Remington fiasco of '08, I decided to move on to better pastures, but still wanted to stay under the $100 mark...sorry, just can't bring myself to spend $200+ on a blow dryer right now.

I actually bought mine at Ulta for about $80 (on sale from about $130) and a little tax. I also liked the idea of buying from a place that I could easily return it if I didn't like it.'s fabulous.

It dries my hair in less time than other dryers that I've used in the past and it allows me to get my hair decently straighter, giving my locks a break from the flat iron.

And my hair isn't dry and/or static-y after, even though I'm using a 2000-watt ceramic dryer...I'm guessing that it's the combo of far-infrared heat and negative ions that this dryer boasts.

The only slight downside I've hear mention, is something my sister commented on...she thought that it was a teesy bit heavy, although I honestly don't think so.

It's on right now for $136 dollars...a little too pricey for me. My suggestion is to check out your local Ulta and get this when it's on sale and less than $100.

Either way, I definitely give it a thumbs up and would recommend this to anyone.

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