Tuesday, January 6, 2009

shobha sugaring kit

I have the Shobha® Sugaring Kit and I haven't tried it on myself yet. But I have used it on....wait for it....my husband....who asked me to!

Back when I first got this kit, I showed to him and he mumbled something and went on with whatever he was doing at the time.

My husband has the craziest eyebrows I have ever seen in person. I wouldn't go so far to say uni-brow, but it's close. For the most part, it looks like 2 very large furry caterpillars sitting atop his eyes. Very rarely does he let me at them with tweezers and I have offered to go with him to have them professional waxed but he's too much of guy to care enough.
So, when he asked if I would try this I didn't hesitate to open the kit and throw the sugar in the microwave and get started. I didn't go all crazy with him, just cleaned them up.

First let me say we made a total mess in our newly redone bathroom. When I left to go heat up the wax in the microwave I came back to his hands covered in tissues and he said he got it on the wall....still not too sure what all went on in those 30 seconds but all I can say is that for it being wax I LOVE that it cleans up with water. Even if you get it where you don't want too on your body you can just apply some water and start over. The kit comes with everything that you need to get the job done. It's a huge container of the sugaring gel, 2 different sized spatulas, 6 denim strips, talc-free powder and instruction manual. You apply the powder first to absorb any moisture, then the sugaring gel. Then you take the denim strip and rub it over the gel and pull it off.

My husband took it like a champ. He drove me a little nuts because he had to look after every single thing I did, so it took a while to get everything done. After, we were done he was barely red at all. The only place he was red, is where I applied the gel twice. He said it hurt far less than tweezering and would let me do it again. I'm motivated to try it myself but I may have to practice a few more times on the hubby before I attempt my own eyebrows. I haven't considered using it for other areas that require hair removal but maybe as we get closer to summer I'll be more motivated to give it a whirl. Also, I should mention that the denim strips can be used over and over again because the gel is sugar so you can throw them in the washing machine. I also should mention that my husband was impressed with the fact that the edges of the strips were sewn so that they won't unravel in the washing machine and will last probably longer than the gel. And for $30 for the whole kit, that is a pretty good deal. I spend a whopping $10 every time I get my eyebrows done and there is way more gel than 3 eyebrow waxings. I think it's an 8 ounce jar.

Here is what Shobha has to say about the kit:
The Shobha® Sugaring Kit conveniently provides everything needed for hassle-free hair removal at home. featuring our all-natural, professional-grade Shobha® Sugaring Gel, this kit ensures a hair removal experience that is not only effective, but sweet & sensitive too!


  • free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, petrols, resins & waxes
  • natural ingredients mean natural reactions - which for most is no reaction at all
  • less painful than waxing, with minimal irritation
  • professional-grade for ultimate effectiveness
  • gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive areas
  • detailed & easy-to-follow instruction booklet
  • simple cleanup - just use warm water (or jump in the shower)
  • microwave-friendly
  • provides supplies for multiple treatments
  • reusable, machine-washable, eco-friendly denim strips
  • talc-free powder for safe & effective skin preparation
  • reusable spatulas for easy application
  • vegan-friendly

So a big THANK YOU to Shobha for creating something that will tame those wild caterpillars on my husband's face!!! For more information on Shobha, please visit www.shobhathreading.com.



Tey said...

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Anonymous said...

next time you get to those catepillars i think you should youtube it! thanks for the play by play, tempted to do the same to my boyfriend's stray body hairs - he's kind of sensitive :)

Jenn said...

i was thinking about recording it about half way through. next time he lets me at those suckers i will youtube it and share it with everyone. i was just happy he was willing, i jumped at the chance! my husband is definitely "sensitive" when it comes to doing anything with hair removal and his face and he took it really well.


Troy said...

Thanks honey. My eyebrows (bert and ernie..yes they do have names) are not that bad. As for the mess, I was trying to pull it like taffy. Instead it got more sticky. Hence the need for tissues and such. All in all, I'd do it again.

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