Monday, January 5, 2009

twilight perfume and nina perfume by nina ricci...hmmmm

I have to admit, I wasn't the one that discovered this...I give that credit to Perez Hilton.

As I was clicking my way through his site, I came across this little tidbit that shows the new Twilight perfume and the already-been-out-for-awhile Nina perfume by Nina Ricci (below left).

So um...yeah...they really are kinda the same...don't you think?

I mean, except for the writing on the Twilight bottle, I'd say they are the same.

I honestly haven't smelled either one, but here's the lowdown on the notes in the Nina Ricci...Calabrese Lemon, Cipirinha Lime, Red Toffee Apple, Vanilla Infusion, Moonflower, Peony Petals, Apple Tree Wood, and Cotton Musk.

All that I've seen about the Twilight one is that it has notes of lavender and freesia.

Least there are some differences there.

You can find the Twilight perfume at and the Nina perfume at Sephora stores.

And before I forget, here's the full article that I found on Perez Hilton...enjoy.



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