Friday, February 27, 2009

logics color dna system gloss balm

To say I was a fan of the old Logics line would be a serious understatement.

I worshiped at the Logics alter.

We're talking plunking out the dough for the liter bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Something I very rarely do, considering I change my mind in the haircare arena every month or so.

Of course though, as with any other product you end up falling head-over-heels with, they ended up discontinuing that formula and revamping the whole line.

While I haven't tried their new shampoo and conditioner, we did have the chance to try out some of their new styling products.

The new offerings include a Contouring Paste ($24), a Geometric Design Gel ($22), an Aerial Liquid Volume ($22), and a Gloss Balm ($22).

My fave has to be the Gloss Balm.

I love how it gives a little piecey definition, but still controls frizzies and the little bit of static that I've been getting here and there with the dry and cold weather.

It has this kinda thickish gel like texture, that has little bits of miniscule shiny bits (totally the only way I could think of how to describe it) that make my hair look shiny in a did-you-do-something-different-with-your-hair sorta way.

Love that.

My next goal...after getting my hands on the new shampoo and to check out the gel. Something that I haven't really tried since like the 90's and the infamous hair-rake Jersey coif I used to sport.

I shudder at the thought.

After that, I'm thinking about wrestling the Contouring Paste out of Christine's hands (she got to try that and the Aerial Liquid Volume) and checking it out for myself...she's already been singing its praises.

I think I can take her.

To find out more info on the Logics line, or to find a salon near you that carries it, head on over to


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Anonymous said...

i too was a liker of logics. But latetly very few products have come out when compared to other brands. I am right now in switching mode.

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