Friday, February 13, 2009

new crest whitestrips advanced seal

Being that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, we're sure that that means some puckering up for kisses from your significant other is in order.

Maybe even more though.

Although if that's the case, please refrain from sharing that info with us...a little TMI if you know what we mean.

Anywho, one thing you can do to get yourself ready is to get those pearly whites in top shape.

That's where these come in.

New Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal ($39.99) will work to whiten your teeth, all while staying in place perfectly and not looking all hey everyone I have a tooth whitening strip on my teeth.

Meaning you can wear them while watching TV, running some errands, and (yes) maybe even while kissing your hubby or boyfriend.

Although that might be a little weird.

I mean Big L would be like why the heck are you kissing me while you have a Whitestrip on your teeth?


At least there is one man who doesn't mind puckering up while wearing one though...Fernando.

No, I'm not having an illicit affair ladies.

Fernando is featured on this new website from Crest called Kiss Me in 3D. On it you'll find Fernando and Olivia and have a chance to get smooched by one of 3D.

Like really 3D.

As in you'd need the special glasses to be able to see the three dimensional action take place.

It's a little kitschy, but kinda cute and you can learn a little more about the product and sign up for special offers via email.

Plus the guy looks a little like Hal Sparks back in the day (fyi totally had a crush on Hal Sparks when he hosted Talk Soup).

So, do yourself a favor and check it out!

Oh...and stay tuned...we might have something coming up soon courtesy of the great people at Crest!

Try for more info!

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