Thursday, February 19, 2009

spring is almost here....get your toes ready

I'm not going to lie, I have close to, if not more than, 30 pairs of flips. However, I only have one pair of Havaianas. I scored them last September at Fashion Week in New York. And now that Spring is almost here, it's time to acquire a few more pairs. Havaianas are so comfortable and a lot smooshier (is that a word...well, it is now) than they look.

Flip season...(aka Spring/Summer) also means that's it's time to get those feet in shape. Whether you get professional pedicures or like to do them at home, it's time to get working on them. OPI and Essie have already released their Spring lines and there are some great, bright colors that would look awesome on the toes paired with some cute flips.

OPI has launched their South Beach collection. I think there is a great Spring color in there for everyone. I'm liking Feelin' Hot Hot Hot and OPI on Collins Avenue (pictured right). To check out the collection of 12 different colors and pick your faves, head on over to or head over to an Ulta near you to see them in person. The OPI polishes are usually around $9, but you can get them on sale at Ulta for about $6.

Essie has it's Spring 2009 collection out with 6 new colors. They are also around $9 and again, Ulta usually has them on sale for less. I think Status Symbol (pictured left) has my name all over it. To check out the Essie collection, click here.

Here are some new styles from Havaianas to show off the toes:

Comfort and fashion rarely mix. Happily, Havaianas are an exception. Dubbed as the world's best sandal, their more than 40-year old secret rubber formula is responsible for buttery-soft, bouncy, flexible sandals that have blissfully cushioned the feet of many dignitaries and celebrities around the world. These comfortable sole saviors have been paired with flirty skirts, tailored shirts and jeans, helping glamour girls like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Cameron Diaz keep their poise on the streets of Hollywood.

There are several new styles and designs but I picked just a couple to show you.

First is the Havaianas Slim Peacock for the exotic. Retail: $24 Available in white, navy, and chocolate.

Next up is the Havaianas Brazil Logo for the classic lovers. Retail: $22 Available in pink, brown, and navy.

And last is the Havaianas FIT for the casual chic. Retail: $30 Available in silver, black, and gold. Check out to find this style.

I have also seen the Havaianas FIT in Madewell and they are definitely different from your regular flips - with the right outfit, I think these would be really cute. The Brazil Logo in Navy will soon be in my possession. And I am loving all 3 colors of the peacock design....decisions, decisions. Head on over to to get yourself a pair and check out all the other designs and colors.



Troy said...

as soon as I read the first sentence I knew it was my wife. Umm I think its much more than 30 dear.

Jean said...

I have always wanted a pair and maybe this will be my summer to get some! Thanks for the tip.

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