Friday, March 13, 2009

lipstick queen's big bang theory - illusion gloss

Along with the crazy March weather we've been having, it's also been ridiculously windy.

Add that to the fact that I also wear gloss on my lips and it's a recipe for sticky disaster. My hair right now is about chin length, which is just long enough to blow around and get caught up in the gloss on my pucker.

Not good.

I pretty much spend the time pulling hair out of my mouth and/or trying to hide my lips by sucking them in. Kinda weird, but it almost works.

That's what makes this gloss different.

It's not sticky at all, but still delivers that gloss shine that I adore.

The concept behind the product is actually pretty's meant to be a lip plumper without the tingly-stinging some find that other plumping glosses have.

So how does it plump?

Each shade has a special ratio of shine to shimmer that works to create the illusion of fuller lips.

Interesting huh?

The other cool part is the container itself, it totally resembles a test tube...allowing you to look all cool-sexy-scientist when you reapply on the go.

Even the box has been upped in the cool factor scale. All Big Bang Theory - Illusion Gloss package illustrations are based on arts and crafts fabric textures and Copernicus and Nan Goldin photographs from the 80’s. Each one was hand drawn by James Bernard, who designs all of Lipstick Queen’s original package designs.

Plus, the gloss is available in the following eight shades:

Time – shimmery golden nude
Expansion – shimmery pale pink
Space – shimmery grey pink
Infinite – shimmery pinky peach
Black Hole – shimmery deep wine
Creation – shimmery rose
Cosmos – shimmery ruby
Energy – shimmery bright red

Big Bang Theory - Illusion Gloss ($20) is available at all Barneys New York stores, Space NK, Henri Bendel and online at



scully said...

Hi Ladies: Can you please show some swatches? I love this brand but it's not available in my area.

Thanks and I love your blog!!! Thanks for posting all you do :)


Tierra said...

Thanks for the review. These glosses look awesome--I love where they got the idea from! Might have to get a few!

I might be adding these to my new makeup case!

Jennifer said...

Hi Dawn!

Thanks for the lovely comments! We love having readers like you! Unfortunately, we only received two of the glosses and we both just can't seem to get it together enough to take photos of the did some investigating and found these fabulous swatches online at Makeup Talk. Here's the link:



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