Thursday, March 19, 2009

mascara: the good, the not too bad and the ugly

Anyone who knows me or has been reading our blog for the last year knows that I cannot live without mascara - ever. Everyone also knows that I am a huge CoverGirl Lash Blast fanatic. About a month ago my LashBlast had reached it's end. I very much wanted to go right out and purchase a new one, but with so many other mascaras in my drawer that have been ignored for a long time, I couldn't justify bringing a new one home.

There have been several that I seem to rotate through and have previously mentioned. But it seems like lately I have been reaching for the same 2 or 3. What are they?

Well, first we'll start with the good - DuWop Lash Venom ($24). It's formula delivers volume, length, and definition. Lash Venom gives instant impact but can also be layered for ultimate drama. You will notice softer, more hydrated lashes after each use. Lash Venom gives your lashes instant fullness and a glossy, jet-black finish. My take on the mascara? It took me a while to try this, why I was hesitant I have no idea, but now that I have, it's my go to everyday mascara. I would say it's a very close 2nd to LashBlast. It goes on really well even though it looks like a mess on the brush. It's very light and my lashes are soft. It definitely adds volume and length. Plus stays put all day, but it's super easy to remove at night. Check out for more info.

Next, up is the not too bad - also known as Stila Major Lash Mascara ($8.50). This luxurious cream-based formula adds instant pigment to shine and define. Can be layered for a more dramatic look, keeps lashes soft, and curls on command. The best part there is no flaking and lashes remain large and in charge throughout the day. This is truly a stila favorite. I just started using this one about 2 weeks ago. I had a really bad experience with a different Stila product, so, I'm a little hesitant when trying out the new products. Although, now I do have to say since using this mascara and a pearl shimmer gloss - I am becoming a huge fan of the line. This mascara works really well. I don't really notice much curling going on. It also goes on well and the lashes stay nice and soft. This goes on a lot lighter than some others so if you want a dramatic look either layer this one several times or try a different mascara. This one also stays put all day - no smudging or flaking. It also washes off easily. This would be a great everyday mascara. Plus at $8.50 a tube - you can't pass it up! For more info, check out

Finally, the ugly - Smashbox Bionic Mascara ($19). You know we rarely flat out rip a product here at BIRL. Most of the time, we'll say how it didn't work for us, but could certainly work for someone else. There have been many times I didn't particular enjoy something, but Jenn loved it or vice versa. I really, really wanted to like this mascara. To be honest, at first I really did like this mascara. It goes on well and the lashes look fantastic. So, what's the problem? Ummm....they look fantastic for about 3 maybe 4 hours. I have never had a mascara literally disappear off my eyelashes. The first time I noticed it I thought I had rubbed my eyes really hard and just not remembered it. I looked in the mirror and my eyelashes looked like they were only about 1/4 inch long, from the rest of the way up the mascara was completely gone - with no trace. There were no smudges, no flaking, no gross black mascara eye boogies - nothing. It was just gone. I thought, "that's weird" and then tried it again. Same thing. So being the optimistic person I am, I even tried it a third time and same thing. I don't know if I got a funky batch or if this mascara is just really good at disappearing. I just don't even know what else to say about this one. I'm guessing there are people out there who use it and love it. I think this is the one that comes in all the Smashbox box sets so it must be popular. I need a mascara I can rely on and not worry if it has all gone away before I even leave the house.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Mascara is so hit or miss; it's so helpful to get a review before purchasing and clogging up my eyelashes and my makeup case with useless products!

Mariel said...

In my opinion, DiorShow is the BEST. Nothing even comes close when it comes to major length and volume. I am curious to try Latisse - but the pricetag is holding me back...

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